Eating healthy foods are a good habit to start. Stop eating fried things and start eating more healthy things like fruits or veggies. Eat less candy instead eat seeds or nuts.

How can you help other people?

  • Connect with others that are sick and send a letter to them to make them feel good.
  • Stay positive with others health and make them happy.
  • Inform people on getting physically active.
  • Help others with there knowledge on their health.
  • Tell people to get enough sleep.
  • Create joy and satisfaction in sick peoples lives.
  • Explain how other people can eat well.
  • Tell sick or injured people how to keep their spirits up.
  • Donate to foundations that help with peoples injuries or sicknesses.

How you can volunteer?

  • You can consider volunteering at a school or tutoring program
  • You can also work outdoors and try volunteering to clean up a local park
  • Try learning another language perhaps you could work with immigrants
  • Help at your home and make fundraising calls
  • Help other people learn to play sports by volunteering as a coach
  • Promote health by helping a local hospital or clinic

How can you help yourself with good health?

  1. Get regular exercise and you should get 30 mins or more of walking every day can help you health and muscles
  2. Eat healthier and regular meals. 
  3. Stay hydrated, you should drink a lot of water each day to stay hydrated. 
  4. Make sleep a priority by going to bed at a  regular time and waking up at regular time
  5. Try a relaxing activity, play board games with a friend.
  6. Set goals and priorities by writing things down that you have to do.

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